The benefits of drinking water early in the morning (Water therapy)

Drinking  some quantities of water immediately after waking up from sleep early in the morning, otherwise known as “water therapy”, is very beneficial  to our health.
morning water

This act is very popular in some countries because of its benefits to the body. In this post we shall  be seeing the benefits of taking water early in the morning upon waking up.Drinking of water in an empty stomach early in the morning otherwise known as water therapy is very important to our health. Some of these benefits are:
1. It cures diseases.  Drinking of water very early in the morning( WATER THERAPY ) in an empty stomach cleanses the body`s internal system. Research has also shown that water therapy can cure some diseases such as: arthritis ,epilepsy,diarrhea,Headache,cancer,diabetes and many other diseases.

2.It enables the stomach absorb nutrients the properly.    This therapy goes a long way in purifying the colon, helping the stomach absorb nutrients from food properly thereby ensuring a better digestive system.

3. Glowing skin.   For a glowing skin, water therapy is the secret behind a glowing skin. This therapy, if done well cleanses the blood of toxins thereby given a glowing skin.

NOTE: Water therapy is very simple and without any side effect but there are certain rules which must be followed for the effectiveness of the therapy. These rules state that, upon waking up in the morning, drink 4-5 glasses of water, do not have breakfast 45 minutes after drinking the water, avoid taking alcoholic beverages the night before.                                                             Also study has shown that the more quantity of water consumed, the better results you get from WATER THERAPY


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