Four ways you can enrich and nourish your mind


Have you ever thought of ways you can enrich and nourish your mind? It it evident that this is a basic quest and want of every human being. So it should be approached with every height of seriousness. An enriched or well nourished mind goes a long way in qualifying and characterizing an able person,well motivated person and a person who is on the right track of succeeding and living a highly intense life of value.There are some simple and easy to apply ways by which our minds can richly be nourished which I listed here and these methods can be applied by anyone no matter your status in life. I have compiled these methods and  the number one on the list is:

1.      Building a reading habit

There  is absolutely no doubt that books are one of the essentials that must be utilized if the mind must be nourished so no matter your status,reading books of interest to you, is definitely a way forward if the mind must be nourished.Create a reading time table and be sure to abide by this. Reading constantly will surely enrich your mind for good.

2.      Attend seminars and  conferences

Another great way of enriching the mind on our list, is attending seminars and conferences Seminars provide the platform for discussions and proper deliberation on topics thereby providing answers to questions which is no doubt a great way to enrich the mind. Same as conferences where people of the same interest come together to share their views and knowledge. So if you are looking to enrich your mind positively,seminars and conferences are just tremendous ways of achieving that.

3.      Maintain  some  moments of silence

This might sound funny and weird to some people but heey it isn’t.Observing moments of silence everyday contributes immensely to mind enrichment.Observing at least one hour silence a day allows the mind ponder thoroughly thereby reducing the possibility of making  mistakes. It is said that the more you think ie: observe silence,the less mistakes you are likely to make.

4.       Start or join discussion groups 

There is never a better and effective  way of sharing ideas other than discussion. To snowball mind enrichment, discussion groups should be one of the methods in focus. You get to discover your mistakes and make necessary corrections.This could be done among peers on social media and so many other ways. So if you are looking to nourishing and enriching your mind,create or search and join discussion groups of interest.

These are the four ways I think can help anyone nourish and enrich his or her mind. I hope you will find them helpful.


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