6 ways of achieving your goals


Why is it that many a times, you set goals for yourself, hoping without any uncertainty or doubt in you to reach success but failing or never attaining your expectations which is“Success“ at the end of  the day?  This question seems to be the predominant question on your mind each time it looks like you have failed in a particular goal you set for yourself. This as it seems discourages a lot of people and cause them give up in their pursuit.But the big question here is; Are you entitled to failure?  Do you deserve to fail?     I am very confident that everyone’s answer to this question would be a capital NO. So if your answer to this question is No, then why do you not succeed? Perhaps something was wrong. So many great men have  given so many different definitions and ways  to success but when compared, their is little or no difference in these definitions and steps. So there is no doubt that there are factors hindering your success and if these factors are not properly corrected, the individual or organisation involved in this will be moving in circles. For every individual who has set goals, aspiring success through this goals and has not reached success, I have pin point steps that should be  taken if your goals are to be attained.

1.  Understanding your goals

A lot of people set goals and target in life but 80% of those who set these fail to make proper research of what it takes to achieve their goals. They don’t understand the requirements and ethics surrounding the goals they have set for themselves.  Your goals might be running a successful business, graduating from the college with a first class etc. Whatever your goal might be, having a  proper understanding of what is involved is key to actualizing your goals and the fact still remains that every dream  and  aspirations are attainable  only if you have  a proper understanding of the requirements of your goals. Without an explicit understanding, your goals might never be successful.

2. Eliminating the doubtful perception in you about your ability                                        Your success might be hindered because you still nurture doubt in yourself about your ability and potential. ” I don’t think I will get the job, ” I don’t think i can  graduate with a first class”, ”I don’t think that business will be  successful”. These negative thoughts and sayings to yourself go a long way to hinder your success. Believe in yourself and  your potential to acquire that goal you aspire and admire.

3.    Being fully committed to your goals.                                                                                      I don’t think this should be  over emphasized. It is very lucid that when you are not adequately committed to something, you don’t expect  fruitful or positive result.  A lot of people set goals but are actually not committed to their goals. The fact still remains  that goals which you are not fully committed to, come out unsuccessful. So in a nutshell,, your goals are attained via your level of commitment to them.

4.      Stay away from negative people                                                                                             One of the reasons why some people fail or do not achieve their goals is due to the fact that they surround themselves with people who never for once see reasons to believe in them. People who often tell you; ”You are not qualified for the job”,   ”You do not have what it takes to run a successful business. ” You do not have  what it takes to be  featured in the team”.  This type of people in my own view are MOTIVATION KILLERS and therefore should be avoided like plague. Choose the right people who bring out the best in you. They go a long way to inspire, empower and motivate you for success.

5.  Avoid having too many goals                                                                                                        So many people set so many goals at a time and therefore loose focus.  These goals are achievable but when they lack adequate commitment, you end up loosing focus and making lots of mistakes. Don’t overload yourself with goals if your energy cannot carry them to avoid making mistakes.

6.    Always remain focused no matter the challenges                                                               Your ability to keep pushing further without being discouraged or loosing focus no matter the challenges and obstacles is a great sign that you will certainly reach your goals.  



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