Reasons why you should not stop taking risk


All my life and more especially, on getting to adulthood, the case of risk taking has always been very fascinating to me. Although it is dangerous and sometimes don’t pay off as some people see it but the tendency still remains to me, that risk taking, is the building block of success.

In our world today, it is saddening to see people scared when it comes to taking risk because they are possibly afraid of failure but it wouldn’t be a mistake saying that risk taking qualifies successful people.  Below are reasons why I think risk taking is the key to success.

1. You become more confident of yourself.                                                                                    Building yourself in line with risk taking builds your confidence and thereby presents you as a tutor and not a student in your field raising your standard and makes you stand out.

2.  You learn better ways of overcoming failure.                                                                        If you acknowledge risk taking as the key to success, you overcome the fears of failure because risk taking  teaches and unlocks better ways to success judging from the saying that  you only learn when  you are at risk. You have absolutely nothing to loose when you take risk. When you take risk and win, you will be  happy. When you loose you are wiser. so you have  nothing to loose therefore don’t be afraid of taking risk. The fact still remains that every successful person you can think of,has taken enormous risk in one way or the other to get to where he is. So if you want to be like them, observe what they do which includes taking risk and do the same.

3. You obviously become successful.                                                                                            I know i shouldn’t make this a sub-header because it looks like a repetition but i am happy to present it this way. You cannot be successful sitting and doing nothing. You need to take  actions. Taking actions involves taking that possible risk to help unlock greater opportunities.    DON’T STOP TAKING RISK.



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